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AGREED: Use the organizational hierarchy on a per view level proposed in John Harwell's GUI mockup as a starting point for iterative UI changes.

This includes an operational control field at the bottom of each viewing window for setting window-specific display options.

PROPOSED: Ribbon-format for tabbed window-specific display controls in the operational control field of the current JH mockup. (AGREED TO EXPLORE)

For initial mockup of the feasibility of this design, we will include tabs for Connectivity, Label, and Metric overlays. Consider including color palette/mapping options as part of each of the ribbon controls.

Action: Will is going to mockup this idea as his primary design task for next meeting.

TABLED: Border drawing functionality and design.

Border drawing functions are not a high priority to include in the short-term and will require more discussion due to design complexity.

Related: Foci operations is also tabled for design/development as a lower priority functionality.

PROPOSED: Tabbed display option for Viewing Windows. (AGREED TO EXPLORE)

This idea received a lot of support. Explore adding this option to Window menu or creating toolbar button to toggle between viewing in separate windows and viewing within one window with tabs. Possible naming of tabs feature to be explored in future.

Action: John H. to add this to GUI mockup.

Comment from John H.: Overlay selections will be assigned to Windows just as they currently are in Caret6. As a result, all Tabs within a single Window will use the same set of overlay selections.

Comment from JE: If all tabs will have to have the same overlay selections, it would seem the utility of the tabs would be substantially lessened. Also, it might be difficult for the user to understand that selections will apply to all tabs. Is there no way to treat tabs as virtual windows laying on top of each other?

AGREED: Current JH mockup toolbar design includes necessary general elements for each of five views:

  • whole brain
  • single surface
  • volume slices in one or more planes
  • volume slices montage in one plane
  • volume slice in an oblique view.

As a placeholder, add a 6th view: Translucent Brain Volume for viewing 3D tractography data. Requested additions to Whole Brain toolbar: add surfaces pulldown to set all structures to anatomical, inflated, or very inflated; add slider for moving hemispheres/cerebellum away from each other (exploding brain idea).

Action: John H. to add these changes to GUI mockup.

AGREED: Continue to explore design of toolbar "tool" commands for drawing mode, selection of ROIs, etc.

Action: Will is going to continue this design as a second priority since these are not highest priority functions.

AGREED: Ideas for yoking options should be discussed further on the wiki until a yoking option organization can be mocked up.

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