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(Caret Information and Operations)
(Caret Information and Operations)
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[[Caret:Operations/Foci | Foci]]
[[Caret:Operations/Foci | Foci]]
[[Caret:Operations/Freesurfer_to_fs_LR | Freesurfer to fs_LR]]
[[Caret:Operations/MapVolumeToSurface | Map Functional or Label Volume to a Surface]]
[[Caret:Operations/MapVolumeToSurface | Map Functional or Label Volume to a Surface]]

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Online Documentation


  • Caret 5.64 (July 2011) Quick Start | PDF | Dataset
  • Caret 5.5 Tutorial - The Basics (including PALS atlas) | PDF
  • Caret 5.5 Tutorial - User's Guide to Analysis Procedures | PDF
  • Caret 5.5 Tutorial - Segmentation, Flattening, and Registration| PDF
  • Caret 5.5 Tutorial - Contours and Sections | PDF
  • Other | Caret Tutorials

Caret Information and Operations

Create a Movie on a Apple Macintosh

File Naming Conventions


Freesurfer to fs_LR

Map Functional or Label Volume to a Surface

Metric Auto Load (for tractography data)

Metric Smoothing Algorithms


Myelin Mapping



Study Metadata

Surface-Based Registration

Surface-BasedRegistration with FreeSurfer and FS Average



Caret's NIFTI Volume File Extension

Setting up QtCreator IDE for C++ Caret Development

Setup Qt Creator

Other Resources

Poldrack, R.A., Fletcher, P.C., Henson R.N., Worsley K.J., Brett M., Nichols T.E., 2008. Guidelines for reporting an fMRI study. NeuroImage 40, 409-414. Link

Peirre-Louis Bazin has written a good explanation of the Talairach coordinate system. Link

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