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  • Start Caret from a terminal window with the option "-xy 480 320" (480x320 is the size of the iPhone screen).
  • Load the desired data in Caret.
  • Select File Menu->Record Main Window Images as Movie.
  • On the Recording Dialog's Option's page, set the Quality to 1. On the Main page, set the Movie File Type to "MPEG (using mpeg_create)".
  • Set up the data for display on the surface or the volume.
  • Use Surface->Automatic Rotation to perform surface rotations for movie capture.
  • Use Interpolate Surfaces to morph from one surface to another (such as fiducial to inflated). Prior to using interpolate surfaces, place each surface into the same view, typically lateral.
  • Use the Display Control's Volume Settings page's Animation control to sequence through volume slices.
  • On the Recording Dialog, setting the mode to Automatic results in a image of the main window being captured each time the main window is updated (such as during interpolate surfaces). Use manual mode to capture an image of the main window. Press the Create Movie button to create a movie from the captured images. Use the Reset button to clear out the previous movie or when "take 2" is needed.

It is probably best to create a sequence of small movies and then assemble them using iMovie on a Mac.

  • Start iMovie on your Mac.
  • Select Create a New Project. Navigate to the directory containing your movie files and enter a name for the project.
  • Select File Menu->Import and choose the movie files you created. Use the Shift or Apple key to select multiple item. The movie clips will appear on the right side of the iMovie window.
  • Drag each of the movie clips (in the desired order) to the bottom of the iMovie window (onto the label "Drag clips here to build your project").
  • Select Share Menu->Share. Click the Quicktime icon in the toolbar. Set Compress Movie for to Expert Settings. Press the Share button.
  • In the Save exported file as Dialog, set the Export to Movie to iPhone. Enter a the name for the movie and press the save button.
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