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Caret File Naming Conventions

By following the Caret file naming conventions, newly created files are properly named.

Do NOT use spaces in file names.

Examples of Files Properly Named

  • Human.1582.L.REGISTER-with-ATLAS.65950.spec
  • Human.1582.L.Eye_movements_attention.65950.metric
  • Human.1582.L.CartesianGrid.71785.borderproj
  • deformed_Human.1582.L.REGISTER-with-ATLAS.71785.deform_map

Caret File Name Components

In Caret, a file name consists of a group of components separated by periods. As a result, the use of periods within the individual components is strongly discouraged. Within the components consider underscores or dashes in place of period. These components are:

  • Species (see below for a list of species)
  • Subject (Name of subject, ie: Control_Case01)
  • Structure (see below for a list of structures)
  • Description (A description of the file's contents, ie: fMRI, Partitioning_Schemes)
  • Date (Used at one time, but its use is no longer recommended)
  • Number of Nodes (Include if the file is node related such as coordinates, topology, metric, shape, labels, etc).
  • Extension (The extension identifying the data file, type).

Assembling the components results in "Species.Subject.Structure.Description.NumberOfNodes.Extension".

Species Component

For species use:

  • Baboon
  • Chimpanzee
  • Ferret
  • Galago
  • Biggon
  • Gorilla
  • Human
  • Macaque
  • Mouse
  • Orangutan
  • Rat

Structure Component

For structure use a one or two letter abbreviation. Descriptions are in parenthesis:

  • L (Left Cerebral Cortex)
  • R (Right Cerebral Cortex)
  • LR (Both Left and Right Cerebral Cortex)
  • C (Cerebellum)
  • S (Subcortical)

Extension Component

Common File Extensions (All extensions are listed in the Open Data File and Save Data File Dialog file filters):

  • .areacolor
  • .border
  • .bordercolor
  • .borderproj
  • .coord
  • .foci
  • .focicolor
  • .fociproj
  • .metric
  • .nii
  • .nii.gz
  • .paint
  • .surface_shape
  • .topo

Creating a New Spec File

The best way to create a new spec file is to run:

  • On the command line, "caret_command -spec-file-create"
  • Window Menu->Caret Command Executor. Run SPEC FILE CREATE (The GUI interface to "caret_command -spec-file-create")
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