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Machine Inventory Form
Item Description
Machine Name jonsdev
IP Address
Brand (if applicable) In-house custom build
Machine Purchase Date October, 2010
Machine Purpose Used for development of Connectome and caret5 related software.
OS Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)
32/64 bit 64 bit
RAM 12 GB's
Processor Intel Core i7 980 CPU
Hard Drive 1 120 GB OCZ Vertex 2
Hard Drive 2 240 GB OCZ SSD
Hard Drive 3 1.5 TB WD Caviar
Hard Drive 4 2.0 TB WD Caviar
Additional Storage
Optical Drives PX-880SA DVD RW drive
Displays 2x Samsung 24 inch display
Backup Strategy Use version control to back up software source code. Back up important data to 2nd internal drive. Leave mail on brainvis. Back up important documents and data sets to Hippocampus:/Volumes/DS4600/jschindl
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