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== Lab alumni ==
== Lab alumni ==
{| | style="width:75%; height:200px" border="1
|<!--column1-->'''Charlie Anderson'''<br>Research Prof(1990-2008)<br>|Currently: Guest Lecturer & Consultant [mailto: email]
|<!--column2-->'''Aki Anzia'''<br>Postdoc (1999-2006)<br>|Currently: Research Assoc, Rochester U [ email]
|<!--column3-->'''Xinmiao Peng'''<br>Grad Student (1999-2004)<br>|Currently: Postdoctoral Assoc, U Texas Houston [ email]
|<!--column4-->'''Jay Hegde'''<br>Postdoc (1995-2002)<br>|Currently: Asst Prof, Med Coll Georgia [ email]
|<!--column5-->'''Dan Marcus'''<br>Grad Student (1995-2001)<br>|Currently: Res Asst Prof, Wash U [ email]
  |}<!--end wikitable-->
'''Charlie Anderson'''
'''Charlie Anderson'''

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David Van Essen

Edison Professor of Neurobiology and Department Head
Phone: 314/362-7043
FAX: 314/747-3436
Research Description

Programmer Analysts

Ping Gu
Phone: 314-362-3465
Donna Dierker
Phone: 314-747-2150
John Harwell
Phone: 314-362-3467

John's Personal Page

Rotation Student

Matthew Glasser

Support Staff

Susan Danker
Assistant to the Dept Head
Phone: 314-362-7043
Erin Reid
Research Technician
Phone: 314-747-4382

Mailing address and fax numbers for the Van Essen Laboratory:
Washington University School of Medicine
Dept. of Anatomy & Neurobiology
Campus Box 8108
660 S. Euclid Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110-1093
Fax: 314-747-4370; or 314-747-3436

Lab alumni

Currently: Guest Lecturer & Consultant [mailto: email] Currently: Research Assoc, Rochester U email Currently: Postdoctoral Assoc, U Texas Houston email Currently: Asst Prof, Med Coll Georgia email Currently: Res Asst Prof, Wash U email

Charlie Anderson

Research Professor of Neurobiology

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