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Item Description
Machine Name myelin1
IP Address,,,,
Brand (if applicable) N/A
Machine Purchase Date 11/2011
Machine Purpose network storage
OS OpenIndiana
32/64 bit 64 bit
Processor i7-980
Int. Hard Drive type 1 640GB 2.5" x2, in rear expansion slots
Int. Hard Drive type 2 80GB 2.5" Intel SSD 320 x2, mounted internally
Int. Hard Drive type 3 3TB 3.5" SATA x24, in front
Int. Hard Drive type 4 4TB 3.5" SAS x33, 24 in front, 9 in back (7 of back in use)
Optical Drives slim DVD-ROM/CD-R, in back
Displays LCD 21", shared via KVM with myelin2
Backup Strategy storage pool filesystems duplicated to myelin2 by zfs send scripts (in /mainpool), root pool duplicated manually to a file pool in a storage filesystem
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